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We have an updated system that is now available for all new and current dealers-please read the note below before logging in for the first time.


All dealers will need to create a new online account by clicking “User Login” on the left hand side User Menu. 

On the sign in page, click the last line that says “Create a new account here.”

If you already have an account with BAI, click the YES button to answer “Have you done business with BAI before?”  If you have never set up an account with BAI, please click NO.

Please enter all requested information, including your company name, your name, and email.

Click “Create Account” button.

Your login will not be immediately available, as the office must review the information submitted.  You will be contacted via the email address submitted once your online account has been updated or created.


After approval, please log in to take advantage of the useful tools now available at your fingertips, including:

                -Instant access to over 125 manufacturer’s products in our database

                -A powerful search engine with quick search bar located in the top left corner

                -Availability to search by category and subcategory of products with additional sort options of pricing (low –high or high-low), part number, or brand.

                -Create and submit orders with special ship to addresses and payment options

                -Create project proposals and save for later for future jobs

-Access status of current orders, copies of invoices, and tracking for shipped items

                -Search and create new orders from previously purchased items

-And much more!